Thursday, 9 August 2007

Top 100 online resources for educators

The Chronicle of Higher Ed reports on a survey of e-learning tools. The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ (based in England) has published a list of the "Top 100 Learning Tools" gathered from 88 educational consultants. The list includes a wide array of tech tools that professors have come to love, including Firefox, Blogger, Ning, and others. On the blog of the ACRL (Assn. of College and Research Libraries) there's a discussion of WHY libraries/databases didn't make the top 100 list. You can add your own comments.
I was pleased that I've used, looked at or at least heard of almost all of the tools. The one that I hadn't heard of was #100, Voicethread - so I immediately checked it out. I like it very much, it's easy to use and it's based on an interesting idea - adding stories to pictures, either by voice recording or by writing. So you might have a photo of your 3rd grade class that you put up on the site, and every person in the class can add a voice or text story to make the picture come alive.

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