Friday, 17 August 2007

Law profs on the first day of class

Over at the Law School Innovation Blog Professor Douglas Berman has posted what he sees as the three basic ways faculty approach teaching on the first day of class:
"1) The Traditional Method. Hand out the syllabus. Intone some elementary rules for class. Perhaps introduce self and others. End early. Admittedly, this bare-bones approach has some advantages-- especially at schools where people are class-shopping early in the quarter.
2) The Special Method. Introduce themes of the class in a dynamic way. Illustrate with stories. Use some reading to make the point. Call on students to help them define the broad messages of the class. End on time.
3) The Regular-Day Method. Treat the first day the same as every other day-- use readings and call on students to cover the first full day of doctrinal material. End on time or a little late."

Has anyone experienced or done anything different, especially anything wonderfully different?

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