Friday, 3 August 2007

Note to self:

Here's another great free app that I just started using. It's called Jott. Have you ever had a stroke of genius but couldn't remember what it was? Or wanted to send an email to somebody - or a message to a group - when you weren't at your desk? If you have a cellphone Jott can help. You just set up a FREE account with Jott (it takes maybe 5 minutes) and store Jott's number in your cellphone. When you have a stroke of genius (like maybe when you're on the way to work) you just dial Jott, wait for the prompt, dictate your idea, and hang up. Jott then TRANSCRIBES your voice into text and emails the message to yourself or whomever. You can email these voice transcriptions to anybody, including groups of people. Jott can also send text messages. V. cool.

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