Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Lexis tool for building links

I often use Lexis' Link Builder for making quick links to citations in Lexis. It's easy to use - just a simple search box -and you don't have to download anything onto your computer. It creates both html that you can insert into a website and a URL that you can just copy and paste into your browser.
Usually I'm making links to statutes or cases or law review articles. But today I needed to make links for several newspaper and magazine articles that are available on Lexis - and I discovered that this is more complicated because these were not official citations that Link Builder could use.
An example: make a link for the article "Value of Health Care Is Tallied In Growth of Life Expectancy (WSJ, Aug 31, 2006) I had to go to the "Any Source" tab on Link Builder - which asked for Library and File, as well as search terms. Library and File? I had to look up the library and file for the WSJ (library is MEGANW, file is WSJNL, found through the Source Locator ) and use the search HEADLINE(Value of Health Care Is Tallied In Growth of Life Expectancy). The link that this search created did indeed go to the article I wanted.

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