Friday, 3 August 2007

600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell Viagra ...NOT*

Now that it's the end of the first week of our new email server I just went into my new "Spam" holding area to check what's been filtered. Mostly it was stuff that should've been filtered, but there were a few items and senders that I didn't want blocked; and then there were a few that gave me pause - like do I really want to continue hearing from Talbot's when they're having a sale?
Which reminded me of a fabulous story that's in the New Yorker this week, all about spam, the history of spam, why spam has metasticized, who spams, how they spam, who is battling spam, spam spam spam spam! Check it out.

*NOT note: Correction. There are actually 1,300,925,111,156,286,160,896 ways to spell Viagra. A slight mistake in the algorithm has now been corrected.

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