Tuesday, 7 August 2007

India Online: "the melting continues"

We all know that the internet has affected our lives in many ways. An article in the India Times shows how profoundly the internet is changing the rest of the world too. The article states that the internet is "significantly changing the way India’s youth dream." It talks about a girl in Dehradun, a small city in northern India, who chats with friends from the U.S. and Iraq and who hopes to be a model on MTV Style Check. Referencing a study by JuxtConsult that looked at internet use in India, 2007, the story illustrates how radically the world is changing. Indian parents, no matter how illiterate, or poor, are encouraging their children to use the internet because for them it connotes knowledge and progress.
As one of the people interviewed for the article says: "You are under the same sky – geography, income no bar." Indeed.

BTW, I can't take credit for the post title "the melting continues" - I got it from the title of the JuxtConsult report (though it could apply to how this weather makes me feel!) Also, on the Google map there's a little green arrow pointing to the town of Dehraden, where the teenaged Indian girl lives. If you zoom in close enough you might be able to see her house.

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