Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A cautionary tale

Yesterday I got an email attachment - a Microsoft Word document - that I couldn't open. Actually I knew something was up when I saw the (ominous) name of the document: it ended in ".docx" instead of plain old ".doc". Turned out that the person sending it had just been upgraded to a new computer at work and was using Microsoft Word 2007. And if you don't happen to have the 2007 version on your computer you get dragged to some Microsoft website (the Orwellian "Help and Support" site) and forced to download a "viewer" onto your computer (if you're so antediluvian that you're using a 56K modem it'll take an hour and 15 minutes for the download) just so you can read a docx. Hey, nice one Microsoft. Good thing you weren't in charge back when we were all using books and paper; just when we learned how to read you would've switched all the books to Russian and made us hire a translator, right?
On a happier note, the Mossberg Solution reviewed the new upgraded Apple computer and iLife Suite today. They loved it. After 15 minutes they were able to make a video mashup of clips from home videos.

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