Saturday, 14 July 2007

Weekend Fun - cool stuff

While I consider myself to be, by and large, a sensible person I do have one major weakness: gadgets. I've never been able to resist them. I know I'm not alone because there are websites that I keep tabs on devoted to gadgets: Gizmodo, Endgadget, and Shinyshiny to name a few. But it must be a recessive gene because everyone else in my family rolls their eyes at my gadgets - yet even though I try to resist I still manage to accumulate plenty. So here are a few gadgets that have caught my eye recently. I'm not telling if I've succumbed or not. Eyeclops, the Bionic Eye: how can you resist? If they made it with a usb plug that would display on my computer monitor I would definitely be lost. Here's a YouTube video demo.
A washable wireless keyboard: Be still my heart. This company seems to be targeting hospitals with the keyboard that can be dunked in a sinkful of soapy water and run under a faucet. Obviously they haven't seen my keyboard when the sun is shining - what is all that stuff stuck under the keys?
Plasma Pong: if you feel any nostalgia for the simple, hypnotic 70's timesuck that was Pong then check out this psychedelic version, it's like Pong meets Jimi Hendrix. Or something. It's free too, but he'll take donations.
USB drives aka memory sticks, thumb drives, flash drives: Whatever you call 'em, they're cool. Especially if someone has bothered to design them. There are all sorts of weird usb drives, even a real thumb drive.

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