Friday, 20 July 2007

Second Life Info Island

There's an online bibliography that can help explain Second Life to anyone who's interested. It was compiled by Bill Sowers (SL name: Rocky Vallejo), a Kansas librarian whose other job is working on Info Island in Second Life - in fact, he's currently head of collections within the SL Libraries islands. Bill is trying to get some help building up the govdocs collection. He explains that "The gov docs collection in Second Life is pretty much a bare bonesaffair. It sits on the 3rd floor of Bell Library Tower which is situated in the southeast corner of Info Island, the main library island within the "Info IslandArchipelago" which now makes up about 30 regions, islands or sims inSL, all dedicated to library service and/or education." Anyone who is interested can contact him at or .

If you would like to read his entire message about this you can find it on the govdocs listserv hosted by Penn State (free registration is required).

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