Wednesday, 25 July 2007

v. cool/useful stuff

Seems like there's an awful lot of new cool stuff to try out , is it the summertime?
- Pat told me about Quintura, a very interesting search engine. You type in your query and it displays a visual map/cloud of words or hints that are related to your query in different contexts; you find the context you want and go from there.

- Then I got the regular Steve Bass/ PC World email with a very thumbs-up review of Jing, a new video screencapture tool. "It's smart and free and a kick to use." said the review, and I have to agree. Easy too. Jing is a by TechSmith, the same people who sell SnagIt and Camtasia, the fancy/expensive screen and video capturing tools.

- Finally, PC reported on a free PDF viewer called PDF-Xchange Viewer that lets you type on and mark up (stamp, draw on, highlight, attach sticky notes...) pdf files. Once you mark up a pdf file, you can save both the "clean" copy and the marked up copy. Here's the first thing I tried it on - the law school Fall course catalog.

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