Thursday, 5 July 2007

iPhone buzz

Well it's less than a week after the great iPhone release and what’s the buzz? As far as I can tell the buzz about the phone itself is all good; the buzz about AT&T as the only official phone company is not so good.
The buzz among techies is all about hacking the iPhone. “Hacking” tends to have negative connotations – you hear about hackers committing identity theft or fraud – but it isn’t necessarily bad. Imagine if a hot and sexy new car came out - auto mechanics would be eager to get a look under the hood, possibly to tweak the engine to make it even hotter and sexier. That’s how techies feel about new technologies. So hacking the iPhone is all the rage; techies want to adjust the the iPhone’s underlying programming so that, for example, it’s not tied to AT&T. Apparently that little problem was already solved a couple of days ago according to Slashdot …Meanwhile in the WSJ today Walt Mossberg’s Personal Technology column today is all about accessories for the iPhone and his Q & A column Mossberg’s Mailbox is devoted to reader questions about the iPhone.

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