Friday, 6 July 2007

The state library of Pennsylvania is (temporarily) closed

I just got the following news through PALInet : Due to the temporary closure of some state offices, the State Library of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg is temporarily closed. Staff will respond to calls and requests for services when the library reopens. If you require immediate assistance, please call Caryn Carr at 717-783-5968 or e-mail her at
If you didn't know there was a state library of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, there's a webpage that recounts its history. The library was brought into being by a vote by the PA house of representatives on 5 December 1745 which "Ordered, That the Clerk send to England for the best Edition of the Statutes at large, for the Use of the House, and also for some large Maps (one of North America) to be hung up in the Assembly Room." Thus Benjamin Franklin, Clerk of the Assembly, became instrumental in the creation of the Pennsylvania State Library.

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