Monday, 11 May 2009

Write-on competition begins tomorrow

Just a reminder to everyone in the library: the Write-on competition takes place immediately following the end of law school final exams, beginning at noon tomorrow. Most of the 1L class participates in this competition because up to 8 students may be picked for Law Review based on this competition regardless of grades. The assignment will be available to them beginning on Tuesday May 12 at noon. This is of interest to us because there will probably be a mad dash to print out all the sources they have to use for the competition on May 12 at noon and the rest of the week. Ryan has made it easier for them to print their sources on Westlaw; I did inform the new Lexis rep about Write-on but I'm not sure if she's done anything proactive.
Any questions about the printing should be sent to the Westlaw and Lexis student reps who will be around just for this purpose.

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