Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Let the games begin!

Write-on Competition update: things are going relatively smoothly compared to last year.  Librarians: there is a thin blue binder on the desk that has the competition rules, the Bluebook exercise they have to do, and the list of 25 sources that they are limited to using for their submissions.  
We have printed up 2 copies of  all 25  sources and have them on reserve - they are in thick binders. 
Ryan has made it relatively easy for them to print up almost all of the sources at once.  There are three sources that are only available on Lexis and I've put hot links to those on their TWEN site. 
For the competition students have to look through the limited sources and then make up their own article topic and write a law review article. They can submit the article to any of the student law journals, so if they hope to be on the Tax Law journal they would write some sort of tax-related article etc. 

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