Monday, 18 May 2009

Tax research resources compared

A post from the rips-sis listserv points to a recently published article entitled "The Virtual Tax Library: A Comparison of  Five Electronic Tax Research Platforms" by Katherine Pratt, Jennifer Kowal & Daniel Martin of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles (8 Fla. Tax Rev. 931, 2008).  The article studies and compares the tax research platforms of BNA, CCH, RIA Checkpoint, Lexis and Westlaw. The article is available on Westlaw:  The Virtual Tax Library: A Comparison of Five Electronic Tax Research Platforms.  An earlier edition is posted on SSRN and has the virtue of including all screenshots and Appendix A and B which are tables comparing the 5 platforms (the Westlaw version doesn't include the visuals).  
The print version isn't on the Barco shelves yet but we hope it will be here soon. 

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