Friday, 15 May 2009

LexisNexis provides free access for public interest law grads

LexisNexis is providing free legal research services to law school graduates doing work for the public good with the LexisNexis Associates Serving Public Interests Research (ASPIRE) Program. Law school graduates can sign up to access certain LexisNexis services free of charge here.
Eligible graduates include deferred fall associates pursuing public interest work during their deferral periods, 2009 graduates who elect to pursue public interest work while searching for law firm employment, and those 2009 graduates who pursue public interest work as a continuing profession.
If you are eligible, complimentary LexisNexis access will be provided throughout your public interest employment period, up until September 2010 maximum. Public interest employment must be for a non-profit or charitable organization. Government employment is excluded from this program. Documentation confirming your eligibility for this program must be included, i.e., a letter from your firm or public interest organization.
The free LexisNexis access will include federal/state cases, codes, regulations, and law reviews.
To ensure you don’t receive unanticipated or unwanted charges, other materials will not be visible.
Once your registration and documentation are received, Lexis will reactivate your law school ID no later than two business days prior to your start date.If applying after your start date, they will reactivate your law school ID within two business days.
Kudos to Lexis for doing this.

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