Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Pitt's Audubon prints

The Chronicle of Higher Ed. has a story today about the Pitt Audubon prints. The Digital Research Library - the one we visited last summer out at Thomas Blvd. - has digitized all 435 of the images in the double elephant folio set and made them available online as part of their project to digitize the entire Darlington collection. Only 120 sets of these hand-colored masterpieces of ornithology are known to exist. Kudos to Ed Galloway, Aaron Brenner, Mike Bolam and everyone else over at the Digital Research Library for a job well done.
I remember learning about the Audubon prints in library school at Pitt - not just about their beauty and rarity as a collection, but during a class on paper sizes because of their "elephant" size.

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