Sunday, 9 March 2008

Google Advanced Search

Yesterday I noticed that there have been some changes and additions to the Google advanced search page, all of them good. For one thing, they actually use the Boolean "OR" connector right on the search page! Also, they have added more options for choosing a file format you want to find, including Google Earth files and Shockwave files. They've also added a "usage rights" option that includes the choices "free to use and share" & "free to use, share and modify, even commercially" among others. My favorite new option is that you can choose WHERE your search terms appear - in the URL, in the page title, in the text, or in links. There's also a "page specific" option that lets you search for pages similar to the page ______. Though when I tried searching for pages like the Barco Law Library page I only got 28 hits, 20 of them were law schools (Harvard on top, again) and none of them were law libraries; I hope they're tweaking that one.
Now if they would just let me display more than 100 results per page I would be a very happy librarian.

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