Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Foreign Broadcast Information Services database

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports database is now available from ULS. FBIS Daily Reports is a collection of media content from around the world created by the U.S. intelligence community to benefit policy makers and analysts, and it offer foreign views and perspectives on historical events from thousands of monitored broadcasts and publications. There are currently 52 countries from Africa, 20 countries from the Middle East and Near East, and 8 countries from South Asia included. Additional regions be will added. Translated into English from more than 50 languages - from Arabic to Swahili - these comprehensive media reports from around the globe include news, interviews, speeches and editorial commentary. This comprehensive, fully searchable edition of the FBIS Daily Reports is comprised of the reports from Middle East and [North] Africa 1974-1987; Near East and South Asia 1987-1996; South Asia 1980-1987; Sub-Saharan Africa 1974-1980 and 1987-1996; China 1974-1996; Asia and the Pacific 1974-1987; East Asia 1987-1996; Latin America 1974-1996; Eastern Europe 1974-1996; Soviet Union/Central Eurasia 1974-1996; and Western Europe 1974-1996.

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