Friday, 22 June 2007

JSTOR Sandbox

I just used the "Facted Search" feature that I found in the JSTOR Sandbox (a Sandbox is an online place for testing out new ideas, like Google Labs etc.) It was very useful to me in the search I was doing. Faceted searching offers a number of different features to expand and deepen your search results. After completing a search, you can see how the returned articles are distributed among different categories, or “facets.” The faceted search will show how many results appear in each discipline, how many are book reviews or full-length articles, how many articles have images, and other useful facets.
Facets available in the current version of JSTOR's faceted search include:
Article type
Publication date
Times article cited in JSTOR
Number of pages
Articles with Images
By selecting facets, you can narrow your results to fit particular characteristics.

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