Thursday, 14 June 2007

Funding database added to ULS collection

News from ULS: The Community of Science (COS) Funding Opportunities Database is now listed in the A-Z list and cataloged in PITTCat. COS Funding Opportunities is a compiled database, paid for by the University's Office of Research, containing available opportunities for grants, fellowships, prizes and other type of funding. ULS would like to broaden access to and awareness of this important resource.
This is an up-to-date database of announcements for funding from around the world, for any academic discipline, comprising more than 22,000 records worth over $33 billion. There is information about grants in both the public and private sector, including local, state and national governments, foundations and societies, and corporations. The database includes complete information on deadlines, amount of award, eligibility criteria, and contact information for more information from the sponsoring organization.
One feature is that you can register yourself and get email alerts about new funding opportunities; you can also include information about your scholarship so that other scholars can find you. Preliminary exploration of the database found many law-related grants. The search interface is user-friendly and uses the familiar search operators and qualifiers.
Since this is a University database you can use it from any University computer or remotely by using the VPN. If you'd like more information about the database or would like some assistance ask Susanna Leers, electronic services librarian.

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