Thursday, 21 June 2007

HeinOnline announces new content

HeinOnline has announced that it is adding 2 new "library modules" to its collection: the U. S. Congressional Documents and the American Law Institute Library.
The initial release of the U.S. Congressional Documents library will include:
The Congressional Record - bound Volumes 1-10 and Volume 142-149
The three predecessor sets which include the Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, and Congressional Globe
Journals of the Continental Congress
American State Papers
Hein intends to continue forward with the bound volumes and simultaneously continue backward until the backfile has been completed; completion of the Congressional Record is scheduled for 2008.
The initial release of content in the ALI library will include:
a Digital version of the ALI Guide
Special Publications as printed in section one of the ALI Guide, which includes Miscellaneous Publications, Annual Reports, Proceedings of ALI Annual Meetings, and The ALI Reporter
the Uniform Commercial Code, 23 volume set & 10 volume set
Archival material from the Statement of Essential Human Rights, a pioneering ALI project of the mid 1940’s, that has been stored in the dark archives.
Restatement, Second, Torts
The Model Penal Code
Both of these modules will be sold as separate a-la-carte collections.

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