Friday, 25 February 2011

Walkshed Philly

Walkshed Philly is a great site that provides a map of "walkability" in Philadelphia.  It is a research project of Aaron Ogle, a software developer who lives there. His concept of a "walkshed" scores a location based on the number and quality of amenities that one can walk to within a one-mile radius, things like grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, public transportation stops, libraries, hardware stores, etc.The ease of walkability has to do with any barriers that might prevent pedestrians from reaching these amenities. You can set how important each set of amenities is to you on a sliding scale.
There is also a Walkshed map for New York; I've featured Philly because the AALL annual July conference is located there this year.

hat tip: Pat Roncevich

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