Monday, 7 February 2011

"Develop for Privacy Challenge" competition

PC World reports that the new Develop for Privacy Challenge competition - sponsored by branches of the ACLU, the Tor project, and with the assistance of the Ontario Information and Privacy Commission - challenges mobile application developers to create tools that help ordinary mobile device users understand and protect their privacy.  The goal of the contest is explained: "as mobile devices become more sophisticated and handle increasing amounts of sensitive information, individuals need better tools to protect and manage this data. The goal of this Challenge is to demonstrate the possibility that apps for mobile devices can actually enhance the privacy of users. By doing so, we hope not only to generate technology that is useful today, but also to encourage developers and companies to adopt the “privacy by design” mindset so that future devices and technologies will be designed with privacy in mind from the start."
The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2011. Information about the project and how to submit entries can be found at the Develop for Privacy Challenge website

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