Tuesday, 15 February 2011

NYT reveals some Google "dirty little secrets"

A lengthy article in the New York Times this past Sunday was titled "The Dirty Little Secrets of Search" and should be of interest to anyone in the information biz - or anyone who uses Google to search, for that matter.  The article details how retailer J.C. Penney managed to game the Google system last fall to land at the top of  search results for pretty much anything J.C. Penney sells: dresses, bedding and area rugs; “skinny jeans,” “home decor,” “comforter sets,” furniture, tablecloths, and even grommet top curtains. The New York Times exposes the "sprawling, subterranean world of 'black hat' optimization" (using means that Google considers deceptive, as opposed to "white hat" optimization using methods that are OK with Google.)

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