Monday, 21 February 2011

New Models for the FDLP

The Government Printing Office has retained Ithaka to develop sustainable models for the Federal Depository Library Program in the 21st century. ead a project that will develop a model for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) to more efficiently accomplish its mission in a rapidly changing digital environment. Both Hillman library and the Barco Law Library are Depository libraries, and so will be impacted by whatever decisions are made about the program.  In the most recent publication from Ithaka, "Draft New Models for the FDLP",  they  lay out a series of new models for the FDLP that  seek to reshape the FDL Program to accommodate local and system-wide strategic shifts that are occurring across the library landscape with the transition to an increasingly digital environment, enabling libraries to more comfortably participate in the Program while maintaining or even increasing broad public access to government information and services to support its effective use. The full document is available as a 24 page pdf, and a Summary of the document is also available. Ithaka is asking for feedback and comments on the proposed new FDLP models.  

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