Wednesday, 2 April 2008

IFLA initiates library project database

The International Federation of Library Associations, IFLA, has set up a database of library achievements and projects called "Database of Libraries Success Stories". They invite libraries to add their achievements and projects to the database according to the categories:
  • Libraries as access points
  • Libraries as ICT learning centres

  • Libraries for continuing education

  • Libraries for specific needs

  • Libraries for cultural heritage

IFLA would like the database to showcase the value of libraries to society, saying that "(the value) must become better known so that the funding agencies for the information society ... will become more aware of libraries’ achievements and the services they provide in making knowledge and information available".

The database is not restricted to projects developed in one institution alone; the strength of libraries in the world today is to cooperate and network on all levels, local, regional, national and international and IFLA especially interested in project involving partnerships between advanced and emerging economies.

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