Monday, 14 April 2008

How to use social bookmarking

Here's a video that explains how to use social bookmarking to keep track of great websites - the video uses as its example but other social bookmarking sites (digg, reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.) work on similar principles.

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Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in checking out, a next generation social bookmarking and annotation service that enables users to increase research productivity, readily exchange information, and connect with others who share their interests and concerns.

This video gives a brief Diigo overview

Another video that also describes the benefit of social bookmarking and making the web works for you:

Not only you can bookmark with Diigo, you can also add highlights, sticky notes and have interactions right on the webpage. Imagine the productivity when you’re reading long legal online documents and only when small nuggets of information are most relevant to your research! You can also simultaneously bookmark to several bookmarking sites – make it easy to have one single source without giving up other services. As a blogger, you may also appreciate several blogging tools and the powerful list function that allows you to bundle a specific collection of webpages, share and even display them as an interactive online slideshow!

It’s also a great collaborative research platform. You can easily share your findings, complete with your highlights and sticky notes, with friends and colleagues.

We’d love to have your participation and hear what you think!

~ Justina