Monday, 18 February 2008

New free website for current events

Silobreaker is a news search site that is much better than Google news and other news sites I've used at refining and pinpointing information. A "silo" is something that is kept separate or compartmentalized; Silobreaker offers a few ways of looking at news across compartments, in a visual manner that goes beyond text. The site has sophisticated analytics, including an indexing system, that make search results more relevant, and it offers options to filter and contextualize the relationship.
The basic search, called "360° Search", gives you a comprehensive and wide-ranging overview of all that is relevant to your search:
News, Blogs, Reports and Audio/Video content; Quick-links to Silobreaker Network, Trends and Hot Spots; Fact sheet (if available); Related people, places, companies, organizations, topics and keyphrases; Quotes; and a Content volume chart.
Everything is clickable and allows you to drill down or quickly switch focus.

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