Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Law Schools oppose Feingold proposal

According to Inside Higher Education a group of law school deans and the Judicial Conference of the United States, among others, are objecting to an amendment that Sen. Russell G. Feingold successfully attached to a U.S. Senate bill last month. The bill would significantly elevate the pay of federal judges, and Feingold's amendment would restrict the outside income of federal judges and Supreme Court justices. The amendment would prohibit federal judges from accepting any sort of gift, income or travel reimbursement from programs designed to educate federal or state judges, except for programs sponsored by a bar association, a judicial association, or a government. Feingold’s amendment would also limit to $2,000 the amount that a judge or justice could receive in income or reimbursement from any “single trip or event” sponsored by any entity but a bar or judicial association or a federal, state or local government.

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