Friday, 1 February 2008

Google China founder speaking at CMU

Kai-Fu Lee, CMU graduate, former CMU faculty, founder of Microsoft Research Asia and founder of Google China, is in Pittsburgh and will give a free public lecture today at CMU. His lecture is titled "Google China – Can a Multinational Internet Company Succeed in China? and the date time and location are: Friday, Feb. 1st, 4:00 PM - University Center McConomy Auditorium (in the University Center building). There will also be a LIVE WEBCAST (uses Windows media player) of the talk.
Lee was the was the subject of a legal tug of war between Google and Microsoft in 2005 when he left his position as a vice president at Microsoft to found Google China. Microsoft sued Lee and Google, arguing that Lee signed a noncompete agreement in 2000 that would have blocked him from working for Google for one year after leaving Microsoft. A judge ultimately allowed Lee to work for Google but barred him from working on projects that would compete with Microsoft, such as developing search technology.

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