Friday, 1 February 2008

National Defense Intelligence College Press online

The National Defense Intelligence College Press is now posting their publications on their website. The publications, all of them free, are in pdf format and can be downloaded or read online.
Titles range from Crime Scene Intelligence to A Muslim Archipelago: Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia and the intriguingly titled Shakespeare for Analysts: Literature and Intelligence
(from the Foreward: "Shakespeare’s interests coincided in many ways with the daily preoccupations of intelligence analysts: coups d’etat (Richard II), political assassination (Julius Caesar), civil wars and international wars (Henry V, Henry VI—Agincourt, Warof the Roses), political tyranny (Richard III), political/military leadership (all of the above, but the author focuses on Henry V). ... Shakespeare, as the author argues, does help inform us regarding the key questions that intelligence analysts habitually ask. Why do some men covet power? What is it liketo usurp power? What is it like to lose power? What are the limits on the exercise of powerand the use of force? When does the decision to use force emerge? How does violenceexpand? What kinds of behavior and actions does use of violence produce? How is vio-lence justified by both sides of a conflict? How do unintended consequences emerge fromcarefully planned events? )

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