Wednesday, 30 January 2008

UN Treaty Series online

There is news of the UN Treaty Series database. We were paying a subscription fee but recently they notified us that the treaty series is now FREE online (now there's something that doesn't happen too often.)
However, the database hasn't been updated since November, and the International Law Librarian listserv has posted the following message from the UN:
"we need to alert you to the fact that the website that you see will be abolished and replaced by a new website, which is currently under construction. As the opening page of the current site mentions: the site was frozen per 15 November. This means that the status of the multilateral treaties has not been updated since. The Depositary Notifications have been added since then. We do intend to inform you widely, once the new site is in place."
Thanks to Linda Tashbook, our Foreign and International Law librarian, for the information.

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