Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Leading State Industries

There is a new Census Bureau website that presents state-level industry data from the 2002 Economic Census. The data includes industries catagorized by their NAICS codes and their annual sales or receipts for 2002, both total and per capita. According to the press release about the website, "economically speaking, every state leads the nation at something." Industries in which Pennsylvania is first include pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing and railroad rolling stock manufacturing. We're also first - no other state comes close - in "Chocolate and confectionery manufacturing from cacao beans", shipping 44% of US shipments (by value). Mmmm, thanks Hersheys. Though I also have a soft spot for Wilbur Buds.
The 2007 Economic Census is underway - the economic census is done every 5 years.
Hat tip to beSpacific.

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