Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Institutional repositories

There's an interesting article on LLRX about establishing institutional repositories for storing and organizing disparate information online. What's interesting is that the author talks about creating institutional repositories for small "institutions" - she mentions a law firm that can store these kinds of information: "an associate has prepared a continuing legal education PowerPoint presentation that resides on the hard drive of the associate's laptop. Another associate has served as an expert witness at a U.S. congressional hearing and the testimony is available on the GPO's website. The law firm's annual report from last year is stored on the intranet on the firm's web server. The firm's librarian has delivered an educational presentation at a professional meeting that is available on the web as a podcast." If the firm has an institutional repository all of these diverse items can be captured, archived, organized and readily accessible on the web in one location for public access.

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