Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sunlight "Design for America" contest winners

The Sunlight Labs blog, a part of the Sunlight Foundation (a non-profit, non partisan Washington, DC based organization focused on digitization of government data and making tools and websites to make it easily accessible) has announced the winners in its recent "Design for America" contest. The contest was "a 10 week long design and data visualization extravaganza focused on connecting the talents of art and design communities throughout the country to the wealth of government data now available through bulk data access and APIs, and to help nurture the field of information visualization." There were three categories that contestants could choose from, with several subcategories in each. The main categores were Data Visualization, Process Transparency, and Redesigning the Government.
Some of the winners were: How a Bill Becomes a Law (in the Process Transparency category); an elegant redesign of the IRS website (in the Redesigned the Government category); an interactive game called Who Paid Them (Data Visualization), another game called (who visits the White House and why); and a Redesign of the US Passport Form that you can compare to the current US passport form.

hat tip: Joe Hodnicki at Law Librarian Blog

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