Wednesday, 9 June 2010

CMU prof. to advise on Bush Oral History project

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story about CMU professor Kiron Skinner who has been asked to serve on the advisory board for the George W. Bush Oral History Project at the University of Virginia. Prof. Skinner is an associate professor of social and decision sciences and director of the International Relations and Politics Program at CMU, and is one of the country's most renowned experts in the areas of international relations, U.S. foreign policy and political strategy. The project, conducted by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, will document the life and career of the 43rd president with a focus on the White House years. Skinner will be one of two historians on the board, and will advise on the project's implementation and development, recommend individuals most familiar with the Bush presidency to interview and work to bring attention to the project.
Prof. Skinner is quoted as saying "It's an honor to be a part of documenting a comprehensive oral history of George W. Bush's presidency — which happened during a challenging and unique time in American history."

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