Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Important info about Westlaw accounts

This Sunday, Nov. 1, is the first “deadline” in Westlaw’s “Secure OnePass” rollout.
What does that mean?

1. If you rely on the Westlaw “Remember Me” feature to log in (your computer saves your password and logs you in automatically) …. it won’t work anymore.
The first time you try to log in with “Remember Me” all your “remembered” credentials will be turned off, and you will get an e-mail from Westlaw explaining what has happened, and including some of your log-in information to help you get signed back in.

2. If you sign in to Westlaw with your usual credentials you will be given a choice - proceed to as per usual, or opt to update your OnePass account immediately (if you use OnePass).
Even if you already use the OnePass “username” and “password” system you may have to update to a “strong” OnePass.
If you are one of the 13,000 faculty nationwide who DON’T have a OnePass set up, you will need to set up a “strong” OnePass.

3. You have until Jan. 31, 2010 to set up or update your OnePass. Until you do, you will get message reminders from Westlaw.

4. If you want to deal with this before Nov. 1, just go to and log in as usual. Once you have logged in, click on “Update” next to your name in the upper left corner of the screen. On the next page, in the West> OnePass box, create a “strong” username and password for yourself and submit.

5. What is a “strong” username and password?
a. Username:
must be unique
must be 8 – 70 characters
must contain TWO of the following: lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number, or one of these symbols .(period) @(at sign) –(dash) _ (underscore).
TIP: You can use your email address since it fulfills all the requirements.
b. Password:
must be 8 – 16 characters
must contain THREE of above requirements.
Can’t be the same as your username.

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