Monday, 19 October 2009

Blogger is 10 years old

Webpronews has a report and video about the 10th birthday of Blogger, Google's blogging platform (and the one used by Barco 2.0). A quick check shows that we first started blogging on May 27, 2004; more than 5 years ago! Anyway, in Webpronews's video they interview Blogger Product Manager Rick Klau, who has some interesting comments about blogging and Twittering. He points out that despite all the hype surrounding Twitter blogs are still growing as well - 290,000 words are now written on Blogger per minute worldwide, which represents an increase of 10 percent versus six months ago, and two-thirds of the world's blogs are outside of the US. Klau also says that Twitter and blogs “each have their place,” - blogging and microblogging aren’t part of a zero-sum game.

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