Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Felon teaches CLE

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that local lawyers earned CLE credits for attending a local seminar featuring a convicted felon posing as an expert on criminal sentencing. Howard O. Kieffer was brought in by Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin to talk to local lawyers about the ins and outs of state and federal criminal prison sentences. According to information from the Milwaukee seminar, Kieffer was one of five speakers at a three-hour conference entitled "Sentence Computation Issues: State v. Federal Custody and Service of Multiple Sentences." In the brochure, he was identified as a graduate of Antioch Law School. He wasn't. Apparently Mr. Kieffer had made a living for a number of years going around the country teaching CLEs. "To the extent that Mr. Kieffer hoodwinked Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, we are one of many," said Daniel Stiller, executive director of the agency.

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