Thursday, 5 February 2009

SSRN adds eJournal for legal information & technology

Lee Peoples has announced that with the help of other law librarians he has successfully begun a new eJournal on SSRN called the Legal Information and Technology eJournal. The journal features the works of law librarians and other academics in the legal information field. The eJournal will allow us to get feedback on works in progress, develop the profession’s scholarly agenda, and present our work to a wider audience. It is hoped that it will inspire more of us to write, to share our work more readily within the profession, and to extend our knowledge to the broader legal academy and other disciplines interested in our field and expertise. The journal welcomes all significant contributions to legal information scholarship and to the practice of law librarianship.
They are in the process of inviting LLJ, LRSQ, IJLI, and Perspectives authors to post their works back to 2005 and welcome all other publications from that time frame fitting within the journal’s subject matter.

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