Monday, 23 February 2009

Chancellor Nordenberg on Pitt and the economy

Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg has published a news release on the Pitt website that details the difficulties that the university is facing in this economic recession. Though there is some optimism in his message, he says that "we continue to be affected by what is a true economic crisis, all of our revenue streams are under stress, and crafting an operating budget for the next fiscal year will be very challenging....
the successes of our University have continued to grow, which is a credit to you and others like you-people who have believed in our mission and who have worked both tirelessly and effectively to advance it. As the University moves further into its third century, that commitment will be essential in crafting what may be remembered as one of Pitt's most critical successes-maintaining the momentum we already have built as we move through this very difficult time together."

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