Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Turkey Day talking points

As the family gathers 'round the table on Thursday, librarians can be prepared for the usual questions (Read any good books lately? Are books becoming extinct?) and converse knowledgeably and intelligently with friends and family by checking out a few links:
Are Books on the way out? :
The BIG BIG news is Amazon's Kindle. Read the press release, and read about it in the Chronicle, PC World, the ZDNet review - and don't forget to visit Amazon where you can read about it AND buy it if you want.
also check out The new Sony e-reader: a review from ArsTechnica
About e-ink and e-paper
20 places to find public domain e-books ...
When asked for book recommendations, I'm pleased to have two solid ones that are appropriate for pretty much anyone. Both are good reads about the joys of reading. The first is Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones, which was on the Booker Prize short list this year. ("in its exploration of how literature can bring joy amid great suffering, Mister Pip is a heartwarming and worthwhile coming-of-age novel. ") The second is The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett ("a perfect gem... that celebrates the pleasure of reading."). They'll warm the cockles of any library-lover's heart.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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