Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Internet filtering information

Filtering Facts is a newly improved website maintained by David Burt, a former librarian with professional interest in internet filtering (his concern about protecting children from pornography on the Internet led him to start Filtering Facts, a nonprofit organization that encourages libraries to voluntarily adopt filters). The website is an excellent reference resource for anything related to internet filtering and filtering software. It includes a legal page with exhaustive coverage of US legislation and caselaw involving internet filtering. There is also a library policy page that has a list of many public libraries that use Internet filtering software, including links to all the library internet policies online. In addition there is a lot of information about internet filtering and filtering software, including research and legal papers about filtering software and reviews of filtering software products.

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SafeLibraries.org said...

Thank you for bring this new David Burt web site to everyone's attention. He is a (if not the) major source of information in this area. Even I include on my own web site his testimony before Congress entitled DANGEROUS ACCESS, 2000 EDITION: Uncovering Internet Pornography in America's Libraries.

Thanks again.