Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Westlaw Webinars for Faculty

Westlaw has scheduled a series of webinars for faculty during the next couple of months. If you click on the link you will automatically be registered for the webinar.
September 26th Noon Practical Law
October 3rd 2:30 pm Terms & Connectors on WestlawNext 
October 7th 1:00 pm Digests
October 18th 1:00 pm TWEN 101
October 25th 1:00 pm From Classic to Next
October 28th 3:30 pm Alerts
November 1st 2:30 Secondary Sources on WLN
November 8th 1:00 pm WLN Productivity Tools
November 10th 1:00 pm From Classic to Next
November 21st 1:00 pm Advanced TWEN

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