Thursday, 19 September 2013

New Bloomberg BNA State Tax Law content

The Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting Center has been enhanced to include new Excise Tax, Property Tax, and Estates Gifts and Trusts navigators and chart builders that provide detailed state-by-state tax information and allows users to quickly create custom charts and compare state tax details among states. Three State Tax Nexus tools – Corporate Income Tax, Sales & Use Tax, and Trusts Nexus Evaluator Tool – allow faculty and students to create reports to compare company activities to what the states report as nexus-creating contacts. The nexus tools are an excellent way to teach students the importance of nexus in the state tax area. A new State Tax Development Tracker allows tax faculty and students to track and summarize daily state tax developments across a full range of topics.
The Tax and Accounting Center can also be accessed directly from your Bloomberg Law account. 

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