Friday, 1 April 2011

SUV crashes into Moot Court Judges' Chambers

From The Pitt News:
A woman crashed a vehicle into the Barco Law Building yesterday shortly after 10 p.m., leaving her dark Ford SUV embedded in the concrete wall...Witnesses said the vehicle came out of the Towers garage, heading straight toward David Lawrence Hall and the Barco Law Building.The scraps of black plastic left behind made it look as if the woman had driven between two concrete pillars about 15 feet apart, straight through a narrow space between the curve of David Lawrence and another pillar about 10 feet away, and then down the nearby stairs before making impact with the Barco Law Building.
(The woman driving the car) was conscious and alert when paramedics carried her out on a stretcher at about 10:30 p.m...She was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital. Her condition was not made public by midnight last night.

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