Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Report shows recent law grads satisfied with real-world training

The  National Association for Legal Professionals (NALP) has published report (41 page pdf) of a survey that they conducted with 930 law firm associates recently graduated from law school.  The survey looked at the experiential learning opportunities - clinics, externships and pracitical skills courses - offered by law schools, and at how valuable these opportunities were for law students. The survey indicated that clinics and externships are gaining in popularity, as newer associates reported higher rates of participation in those courses than did earlier associate classes. The results showed that while many students don't take clinics or externships most of those who do participate considered the experience valuable. Externships and field placements had an especially high level of student satisfaction, with 60% of the associates involved calling the experience "very useful" - the highest ranking on the survey's scale of answers. 

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