Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tip: don't put your weddings photos on Facebook if you're already married to someone else

There is a news story from Grand Rapids, Michigan about Richard Barton Jr., who was arrested for polygamy thanks to incriminating wedding photos posted on Facebook. Apparently he had "unfriended" (or is it "defriended"? Both have been used in the story) his first wife on FB before marrying his second, but didn't get around to a legal divorce. The first wife became suspicious when he unfriended her and started looking for more information by going to the Facebook pages of other friends and relatives - and she found a picture of him getting married to someone else. She then  notified police about the new marriage simply because she did not know what to do; Michigan state police arrested him on felony polygamy charges. According to detectives, Barton is sorry for the pain he's caused. He is quoted as saying "I let love get in the way".

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