Wednesday, 23 March 2011

So many databases...

So little time. We tend to focus on the major databases for lawyers,  legal scholars and law students that the Barco Law Library provides, but sometimes should remind folks that through the vast collections of both the law library and the University of Pittsburgh Library System we have access to many interesting and random digital collections. For example, reading about Prof. Jessie Allen's blog, Blackstone weekly, reminded me that our quirky LLMC Digital collection contains the whole Yale Blackstone Collection; though not all of it has been digitized yet. Eventually they will get around to digitizing the whole collection.  But meanwhile they have a number of old editions of Blackstone's Commentaries available in pdf format; as well as some American editions, abridgements, parodies, quizzes, and others. It's fun to peruse the collection.  
Also today we learned that Prof. McCarthy had a letter responding to an earlier article on the constitutionality of health reform published in the New York Review of Books. We  quickly pointed out that the article and exchange of correspondence are available via Pitt's electronic NYRB subscription. Pitt has so many electronic resources that it's always a good idea to  check PittCat  for any journal or publication you are interested in reading. 

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